The Foundation and Mu Phi Epsilon

Q. What's the difference between the Foundation and Mu Phi Epsilon Fraternity?

A. The Foundation is dedicated solely to educational and charitable causes. It offers support through grants and scholarships to members of Mu Phi Epsilon, but is a separately run entity.

Q. Do the Foundation and the Fraternity share funds?

A. The Foundation and the Fraternity have separate budgets and separate financial reserves. Occasionally, the Foundation chooses to support Mu Phi Epsilon Fraternity special events.

Q. How can I learn more about the Foundation?

A. To learn more about the Foundation, explore the website at, find them on Facebook, Instagram or contact one of the board members.

Foundation Governance

Q. What does the Board of Directors do?

A. The Board of Directors is comprised of volunteers who are current dues-paying members of the Mu Phi Epsilon Fraternity. This Board determines the type and level of giving and performs administrative functions.

Q. How does one become a Foundation Director?

A. The Foundation is always looking for new volunteers. If you are interested in becoming a Director, please contact the Foundation President, Linda Florjancic at  or (216) 219-4953.

Q. How long do Directors serve on the Board?

A. Each director serves a 3-year term on the board. They can be re-elected for a second term.

Q. How often does the Board of Directors meet?

A. The Board of Directors meet once a year for a 3-4 day meeting each summer and often directly before the Mu Phi Epsilon Fraternity International Convention. Other meetings take place in the form of conference calls several times per year. Email correspondence and planning is ongoing.

Grants, Scholarships, and Philanthropies

Q. How many grants and scholarships does the Foundation have?

A. The Foundation currently offers over 30 grants and scholarships for students and professionals in all areas of music, including performance, education, and composition, technology, and music therapy.

Q. Do you have scholarships available for summer music festivals?

A. Yes, there is a scholarship for summer study. In addition, the Foundation supports many summer festivals through philanthropic gifts. See the following link for more information. Summer Music Scholarships

Q. Do I have to be a member of Mu Phi Epsilon to get a grant or scholarship?

A. Yes, you must be a current dues-paying member of Mu Phi Epsilon to receive a grant or scholarship from the Foundation.

Q. How do I apply for grants and scholarships? When is the deadline?

A. The application, as well as other pertinent information regarding grants/scholarships is available here: Scholarship List. This information is also published each fall in the Mu Phi Epsilon Fraternity's quarterly journal, The Triangle. Applications must be completed by March 1st.

Q. When will grant/scholarship winners be notified?

A. The Foundation strives to announce winners in a timely fashion and generally will announce winners by May 1st.

Q. Can the Foundation help financially with chapter projects or emergencies?

A. Chapters are welcome to apply to for the Helen Haupt or the Wiese-Abegg grants. These grants follow the same rules and guidelines as other grants and scholarships.

Q. What philanthropies are supported through the Foundation?

A. For a list of philanthropies supported by the Foundation, please refer to the home page of the website at

International Competition

Q. When and where is the next International Competition?

A. The next International Competition will be held in 2020. Continue to check or Facebook for the most recent information.

Q. Do I have to be a member of Mu Phi Epsilon to enter the Competition?

A. Yes, you must be a current dues-paying member as of December 31, 2019, of the Mu Phi Epsilon Fraternity to enter the Competition.

Giving to the Foundation

Q. How can I donate to the Foundation?

A. You can find a printable donation form and other information at under the "Contribution" tab. 

Q. How will my donation be used?

A. You have the opportunity to specify which grant or scholarship you would like to support with your gift directly on the contribution form. All non-designated gifts will go to the general fund of the Foundation.

Q. What is a Golden Benefactor?

A. For each $1,000 investment given, the contributor is classified in a new tier, beginning with Golden Benefactor, then Double Golden Benefactor, and finally Sterling Benefactor.

Q. How do I include the Foundation in my estate planning?

A. If you would like to include the Foundation in your estate planning, please contact the Foundation Treasurer, Craig Young. Further information is available from the document Donations to the Mu Phi Epsilon Foundation: Guidelines for Tax Deductible Gifts, Bequests and Devises

Q. What is the Onyx Circle?

A. The Onyx Circle recognizes those who have donated at least $5,000 over a period of ten years or less. For more information about the Onyx Circle, please go to