Mu Phi Epsilon Foundation

Chapter Responsibilities



The Parties intend that ΜΦΕ Chapters, as the hosts of Concert Engagements arranged pursuant to this Agreement, will typically be responsible for the following:

  • Host ΜΦΕ Chapters will present and publicize all Concert Engagements under the name of "Mu Phi Epsilon Foundation".
  • Host ΜΦΕ Chapters will use reasonable efforts to assure an audience of 75 or more for Concert Engagements.
  • Host ΜΦΕ Chapters will coordinate scheduling and other arrangements for Concert Engagements through the Artist Concert Manager.
  • Host ΜΦΕ Chapters will arrange for all lodging, meals and local transportation for the Artist within the city of performance for a Concert Engagement, including meeting the Artist upon his or her arrival to the city of performance.
  • Host ΜΦΕ Chapters will present the Concert Engagement in a hall that will seat at least 75 people. Acoustics should be good with minimum carpeting. A grand piano of at least 7 ft. size, tuned the day of the concert, should be provided unless otherwise agreed between the host ΜΦΕ Chapter and the Artist. A sturdy music stand should be available if needed. A page turner should be provided, if needed. The stage should be well lighted. A dressing room should be available to the Artist convenient to the stage for use during the concert.
  • Unless otherwise agreed, host ΜΦΕ Chapters will provide a qualified accompanist for each Concert Engagement and will arrange for the Artist and accompanist to have adequate rehearsal time on the date of the Concert Engagement or on preceding days at the location of the Concert Engagement performance and on the instrument to be used. Following each Concert Engagement, the host ΜΦΕ Chapter should return the accompanist's music to the Artist Concert Manager.
  • Host ΜΦΕ Chapters will arrange for the programs for each Concert Engagement to be typed and printed. A member of the host ΜΦΕ Chapter should serve as the presenter at the Concert Engagement, explaining briefly about the Mu Phi Epsilon Fraternity, the Foundation and the International Competition.
  • Host ΜΦΕ Chapters will be responsible for local publicity for each Concert Engagement, starting at least three weeks prior to the Concert Engagement performance, using, to the extent reasonably available, all media outlets at their disposal, including but not limited to local newspapers, radio and television. Host ΜΦΕ Chapters should consider extending publicity to nearby towns, inviting local arts critics and hosting a reception with the Artist following a Concert Engagement.
  • Host ΜΦΕ Chapters will be responsible for ticket sales and/or collection of donations in connection with Concert Engagements. In addition to required booking fees, ΜΦΕ Chapters are encouraged to donate a portion of receipts to the Foundation in furtherance of the mission of the Foundation and the International Competition.
  • In the event that a host ΜΦΕ Chapter creates a recording of a Concert Engagement, ΜΦΕ Chapters are encouraged to provide a copy of that recording (e.g., a compact disc) to the Artist if permitted by applicable laws, copyrights and other requirements.
  • Host ΜΦΕ Chapters will plan and arrange a community service project (e.g., a short concert in a hospital, residence home, school or other community organization) or a master class (which may be open to the public) featuring the Artist, in conjunction with each Concert Engagement.
  • Host ΜΦΕ Chapters will provide copies of the following to the Artist Concert Manager following each Concert Engagement:
    • Local publicity (actual clippings or photocopies)
    • Local photos to be used in future publicity
    • Newspaper reviews
    • Promotional material used by chapter
    • Concert Evaluation Form
    • Three (3) copies of the concert program